Choronzon.Info -  The Grinnoire - Library of text, picture and song, by both Project authors and others who have in one way or another experienced the entity/idea/current known as CHORONZON. - Choronzon Project Central Site/blog/works/etcetera. This is where you want to go if you are looking for OUR music and videos, as well as a news blog and all that other stuff. It won't attempt to explain anything.  This site WILL.  There should be some division, CHORONZON seems to want people to figure out CHORONZON on their own before reading too many versions from other minds, which could confuse or mislead the neophyte or old-hack alike.

CHORONZON is the official THIRD MEMBER of the Choronzon multimedia Project, activated and created by (West Coast Cell) Demimonde Mesila Thraam and (East Coast Cell)  P. Emerson Williams. If you want to read about, look at and hear the Project's works, this will be found at - and in the hopefully near future (the 'now' being autumn of 2012) will be shifted from a mere forwarder to .org into a forum for those who resonate with what we offer.  Turning what was one site into three is not an easy job, and it has been enough of a head-desker to keep it from happening until now. 

FOR NOW, THOUGH, THOSE OF YOU WHO GOT HERE AND HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THIS WHOLE SCHMEER IS, WHO AND WHAT IT EXISTS FOR, WHO AND WHAT IT IS NOT ASSOCIATED WITH...CHORONZON.INFO is the place to go.  (And you're here already.  Good for you.) THIS FRONT PAGE IS TEMPORARY! It will be replaced by something prettier soon enough - the most important thing to do is get everything UP, correctly LINKED and WORKING.

At this point, the site is mostly to be used for the portion of the old site called THE CHORONZONIC GRINNOIRE. What will be found here is writing, art and music by persons including those other than the Project instigators.  If you have any inclination towards extreme neo-metaphysics, it will possibly interest you. If you are seeking "spell recipes" and other tomfoolery, please go elsewhere.  Choronzonic 'magick' only works if you do it your OWN WAY, with your OWN sacred connecting current to either CHORONZON or another favoured xenodimensional force entity.  YES, CHORONZON is NOT a "jealous God" - though perhaps this was not always true, it most certainly is today.

Love and Strength,
Demimonde Mesila Thraam,
Choronzon Project - Western Cell