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23rd Gateway

Note: For any of this to make sense, if you are not already familiar with my decades long work with the 23rd Gate, I suggest you read the section entitled
DREAM WORKING: Recorded 18 Nov.`82
from my book
ChRySTAL Workings thru the Astral Mirror before attempting to digest the material below.
- Frater PVN

While working & re-working the seal of the 23rd Gate a few years ago, I kept coming back to a question asked me a while back. And I realized that the names of the particular entities delineated there upon is no longer important to me. The energies appear to me to be *real* (whatever that means!) but I also acknowledge the arbitrary nature of names generated to fit those energies -- especially when those names were originally generated to sell a piece of fiction.

Over time & many generations of copying (plus my terrible calligraphy!) the names inscribed upon the 23rd Gateway seal are becoming more & more difficult to decipher. This is a seal which does not (imo) lend itself to scrutiny on the level at which some interested persons appeared to be seeking.

I was young when I made the 23rd Gateway. I was most definitely enthused. But I lacked real scholarship. As I constructed the 23 Gateway, I put no names upon the artwork. The names came later by looking thru the Carter Glossary for the best match for the energies I was perceiving. The names may not have been the most correct ones to use. Yet, I can attest that the gateway works. The geometry and schematic of the layout is, I have found, to be vastly more important than the actual names, or what those names meant to the writers who first used them.      

The only triangle composed of straight lines is the Elemental key. The topmost portion of the triangle is Elemental Fire which I attribute to Cthuga. To your bottom left is Elemental Water, which I attribute to Cthulhu. To your bottom right is Elemental Air, which I attribute to Hastur. Central & center are two inter-penetrating triangular curved shapes which I attribute to Azathoth & Yog-Sothoth.

There is a third triangular curved shape which impinges the artwork from another dimension -- hence is not visible. This shape I attribute to Choronzon. In a tri-form Elemental tablet such as this, KAOS takes on 3 distinct forms which I named. As it is KAOS, it should always be remembered that the naming is nothing more than merely a convenience of book-keeping.  Naming KAOS with a label that means something is just silly.  Names for KAOS are but Intellectual phantasy for the purpose of enabling my mind to grasp on to something within the vast sea of undifferentiated KAOS. A mapping point. Or, should I say, a three-fold mapping point.

Interpenetrate with this triplicity of KAOS are the messengers. Allow me to quote from my original notes:

In the center is a complex pattern composed of the tri-lobed aspects of AZAThOTh  interpenetrating YOG-SOThOTh (the 2 sets of triplicities which, while sometimes appearing chaotic and destructive,   actually  govern  the laws of  probability, and energy transfer within the Universe --see also the two sets of triple strands in this vision) {along with two symbols for alpha & omega}. NyARLATh-O-TEP & UBU-SAThYA are the Messengers whose tendrils oscillate from this center outward to the next set of triplicities.

It would appear that at the time of the original working I was unaware of Choronzon who is implied, although not actually mapped, within the pattern. Which may explain why it took so long to finish up the 23rd Gateway. I find the exploration of triplicities to be more interesting than the exploration of dyads -- which is my quirk (probably arising from my Trinitarian up-bringing as a Roman Catholic) rather than an accurate statement on the absolute nature of reality.  3 is the maximum number of humans who can kiss one-another at the same time.  In a plane, 3 is the maximum number of coins which can be laid out such that each coin touches all the others. Between each of the "points" of the triangle, there are mapped sub-elemental regions. Water of Fire, fire of water, air of water, water of air, fire of air, and air of fire.

Unlike the Enochian tablets, I never intended the sub-elemental characteristics to be called upon individually. Not saying it can't be done, or should not be attempted -- just I never designed the 23rd Gate for that purpose. The element of Earth is not depicted because we are within the realm of Earth (the physical plane).

Surrounding the central motif are 3 circles at the extreme perimeter -- indicating the triplicity of sub-terran earthly realms. Again, I quote from my original notes:

Surrounding this triangular pattern are the three circles or cycles of Tunnels within the Earth {which are symbolic of the three veils of negative existance, the AIN, the AIN SOPH, and the AIN SOPH AUR} which proceed outward as follows: C`N-YAN (red-litten) YOTH (black-litten) N`CAI

After all these years, I no longer have any ideas what those words mean. However, I can say that red-litten connects to me with infrared light which can be observed when all visible light has been removed. Likewise black-litten refers to ultra-violet radiation which is invisible until all visible light has been removed. Of the third circle, N`CAI, of have no clue at the present time.

Should my use of sub-terranian earthly realms and veils of neagtive existence appear contradictory, that is, perhaps, worthy of meditation.       Now, I have no idea if my adumbration clarifies or obfuscates for others. It is all clear in my own mind.  However, I feel it is only fair to state that I have been playing with this symbol now for longer than I was was alive when I first manifested it. To say I am too close for an objective evaluation would be a gross understatement.

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