Uncle Al and Vic the Invincible Scribe proceed to do the first documented Abyss-crossing, meaning, calling up a hostile demon who supposedly represents everything icky about the ego, and its fears of dissipation. It was more about Aleister Crowley's virtual chaotophobia than anything else.

The scribe, Victor Neuberg, aka "Omnia Vincam", wrote this account of the seminal battle with CHORONZON in the desert, in 1909, running through the thirty Enochian Aethyrs starting at the top and going to the One. In the 10th Aethyr of ZAX they rudely barge into CHORONZON's prison, and demand something from him, call him out, essentially, by insulting his power-lack, and after pitched verbal battle including some fun with a little sand that the wind blew into the "protective circle" and made Unflappable Vic become flappable for a few moments. It finally ends with a rather unclear picture of just who really won what here, and what was wanted from the entity IN THE FIRST PLACE; Vic just kept threatening it and insisting it "continue": finally, the name of BABALON, supposedly a "restriction" that would mean victory over him, was placed on CHORONZON; he is amused, knowing BABALON is pretty fond of him lately.

WARNING: THIS LINK GOES OFFSITE. New Covenant Ministries has a quite gigantic site devoted to Christian "spiritual warfare", exorcisms, etc. and this page is devoted to Choronzon. It is essentially based on the ideas of Aleister Crowley, who is someone most Christian sites would have nothing to do with - which makes it sort of funny. Also funny: whoever made this page STOLE THE TRIPTRIGRAM LOGO of CHORONZON from our old site, making it seem to be ancient, when in reality, it was entirely the product of CHORONZON's fusion with my own mind. The writing goes to quite severe length to convince the reader that people who manifest CHORONZON are usually victims of Satanic Ritual Abuse. The only things on the page I have no argument with is that 'demons' and other Xenodimensionals - INCLUDING "Elohim" - another word for YAHWEH - are formless, thus their interactions with solid state three-dimensional life forms are, YES, motivated by the desire to live off that which we adore: our sacred and profane ecstasies. CHORONZON has never tried to convince me otherwise. He/it doesn't NEED to. People "use" one another ALL the time, even when an interaction seems to be completely non-selfish, and altruistically-motivated, there is the desire for Love and meaningful interaction with the world and other persons (and 'gods') which motivates this interaction. IT DOES NOT NECESSARILY HAVE TO BE WRONG. If CHORONZON were leading me into evil and self-destruction, I would not consistently get advisories from him/it that have led to my survival and health, sometimes at the cost of CHORONZON's own power - for the meantime. If you think these people who made this site make sense, look through it in other sections and you'll see pages condemning every manner of human Love and ecstatic experience (normal holidays, rock music, all forms of any metaphysics that aren't Biblical, et cetera. One wonders how these people live with such constant paranoia.