I am D.M. Thraam, aka the Annunciator to/for/of Choronzon: the once-demon of the Abyss, and now Exterminator of Entropy, Guardian of the Balance/Imbalance balance, and - in the unhumble opinion of this one who Knows his Current, the greatest trickster-antihero of all the xenodimensionals.

I am also one-half - the female, western half - of the project bearing that one's name.

Who is Choronzon?

He/She/It (from here on out I use "he" since THAT IS HOW I SEE CHORONZON; the feminine aspect XARONZON is the SAME ENTITY with a different Presence, all the better to interface; some prefer to see Choronzon not as an Entity but as a Concept or Abstract Construct, and Choronzon minds this not at all...Substitute, as you read, whichever pronoun suits YOU best) is not Satan, nor any minion thereof; nor is he "God" as you probably think of "God"...

He's but one of a countless plethora of godforms: called Transversion Agents, they're the ones who create and destroy the heavens and the earth - you think that all was over with millennia ago?

All of them were once involved. Yahweh and Allah (clone-twins) and the Egyptian Sector of Isis and Osiris, Ra, Set and Bast, and a slew of others, that big Graeco-Roman club: Zeus, Hera and Poseidon and Vulcan and all the rest.

Then there was the Babylon Contingent...Ishtar, Asherah, Marduk...and then, Odin, Loki, Freyja and the rest of the Norse Coalition, the hundreds of stray tribal Sun Gods and Moon Goddesses, the Great Spirit Mahelo, Wendigo, and scores and scads of representatives for every tribe and nation across the fields and hills of pre-America America!

There was Tuatha, Danu - branches of the Druidic Tree; the Aztec, Incan and Mayan Trilateral, most of them vicious as bikers out for blood: Xochi, Miclanticutli, Quetzalcouatl; Krishna, Kali, Shiva, Vishnu, and the rest of the Many-Armed Ones of India; the islanders like Pele, and her sisters and brothers with names it's impossible to pronounce without spitting...and thousands more from Asia and Africa and Australia whose names have not crossed lips for aeons...

And all the Angels and Demons who are themselves also Agents - Michael, Ariel, Raphael and Gabriel, Belial, Baal, Pazuzu, Anansi, Inktomi and Jormungandr, Ouroborus and Naga and all the other Spiders and Snakes...

Then, the scattered modern gods: "Bob", "Bugs Bunny", "Mickey" and the recent arrivals Metrogeist, Techgnosis and Pharmakopois (who see to large urban cities, computers and mind-altering chemistry, respectively.)

And most important of all: your own personal Agent, your special Entity, who comes if none of the ones that already exist do for you...or know what to do with YOU...the one whose name, perhaps, only you shall know.

Each and all Transversion Agents, who transmit/convert the raw chaos and order of CON and DE, the Meta-Gods, into everything there is.

CON and DE, who do nothing but make war and love with each other, give off blood and jism, metaphors for the essences of the primal forces 'PULL' and 'PUSH'.

The Agents turn this into Matter and Energy, which become Space-Time, by the function of MOTION.

Look at the world around you. Does it look like the work of ONE mind?

No, this is all a committee project, with many committees and disputes aplenty, as well as concurrences.

There is no "good" or "evil" in this picture, not in the ultimate sense. These ideas only apply to individual beings or groups: what's good to one is evil to another, and verse-vicea. The snake is evil only to the rat it eats; the eagle is evil to the snake AND the rat and humans are evil to just about every creature alive - even themselves.

The Meta-Gods, DE (Chaos) and CON (Order) came first, before ALL else. DE expulsed CON, and the Void Single and Sole became Dual: Zero was divided by Infinity.

CON was jealous of DE for being first, for being the Origin, and for knowing that one day also, DE will be the Destiny of All. It will engulf all order again, all will cease to be...thus ending another cycle. After which still another begins. Who knows how many cycles came before, how many will come after?

To the Meta-Gods a million years is but a single breath: an inhale and exhale.

We are nothing to them. They do not even know we exist. They do not think, they have no plan, they know only the desire to destroy and fuck each other.

The Agents, though, have varying degrees of interest in us. They pay attention to us when we give THEM attention. That's why people "pray". But most Agents are reluctant to return your calls, you may notice. (Some, like Choronzon, are not.)

Yahweh was ambitious. He and his twin Allah and their hired cop Satan took over most of this world and gave the other Agents the finger.

They pretend to be enemies, but only to cause humans (whom they like to watch, befuddle, bewilder and torture just to see them go nuts) to kill each other more readily over things that do not matter... and the three all just laugh.

Choronzon is not amused.

While having no great love for humanity - for he loves the World Child and Earth-Mother, who've been abused by it - he realises many of humankind's errors accrue from the trust in Yahweh and Allah and fear of their "devil", the narc Satan, who attracts the rebellious and fools them into his clutches for "God".

Yes, they're allies, just like George W. Bush and Osama bin Laden.

It's about damned time someone wrote some new mythologies, started new religions, or better yet, substitutes, with all of the good stuff and less of the CRAP.

Choronzon asked me to do this. (He certainly thinks big!) You might say this is a lifetime work. What you see here is only a start.

It is wrought more thoroughly through the audio sector of the Choronzon project, which has early albums influenced by black metal, and later ones more by industrial noise and various strands of xeno music.

Pleased to meet you.

You'll enjoy our own little Abyss. And not be leaving soon...Not until we are through with you, dear....


"I am the Chaos in your heart; I am the love, the hate, the source of all is my Abyss. Do not fear me: I am, just as the Light that makes your Shadow...the Shadow that makes your Light." - Choronzon

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