MUSIC and NOISE WORKS that are NOT from the CHORONZON project, but which are ABOUT ITS NAMESAKE...or mention same in LYRICS, or in NAME

  1. Tangerine Dream - Choronzon (Live version)
  2. GAOP - Mountain 333
  3. Centurian - Conjuration For Choronzon
  4. Yelworc - Doom of Choronzon
  5. Korpses Katatonik - Choronzon

NOTE: These files were collected using fileshare tech we all know and either love or hate. If you are part of any of the above bands or projects, it is hoped that you'll see inclusion in this archive as yet one more way for people to find out that you exist, which I would imagine is part of the point of doing what you do. In that regard, I'd like to link all these songs to the people who created them, and a few sessions with the searchbots will likely allow me to do so. If you want me to get off my ass and get on it, pester me- and if you really insist on me taking your files off this page I'll immediately do so.

-the Archivist

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