yet another creation myth

On the moment/at the location when/where the Great Spatio-Temporal Loop has its "splice point", "Something" was expulsed from "Nothing" in a tremendous heaving spasm, lasting for an instant and an eternity at the same timelessness which is the mysterious state only existing at the join-point of the Loop, accessible to none but "Nothing" and "Something".

Seeing that this "tremendous heaving spasm" business seemed like a desireable experience, "Something" tried, in turn, to expulse "Nothing".

And well, that's exactly what happened: the birth of Zero. Which was all that could be expulsed out of "Something", being that "Something" does not have the Void inside of Itself but rather resides amidst it. So it only expulsed Zero, the concept of void, not THE VOID itself.

Somehow, this was a tremendous disappointment. This was just not the same kind of profound experience that the first expulsion had been.

Because of this, "Something" became deeply and ardently jealous of "Nothing"...and has remained in this state of ultra-envy ever since.

In turn, however, "Nothing" managed to become fairly envious of "Something". It grated at "Nothing" to realize that It lacked that substantiality and consistency which is required if one wishes to do or make lots of really interesting and complex things.

So a feud began amongst them and it is still raging today, and every day, and will not ever end...unless/until once again time and space intersect at the Splice and everything flip-flops and starts to move in reverse.

"Something" and "Nothing" studied themselves and each other very carefully, for this is what is done in war: studying the enemy in search of exploitable weaknesses, and comparing oneself and the enemy, to become aware of any weaknesses there that the enemy can exploit.

"Something" was always concerned with making things stick to each other and make larger things full of more of the smaller things around them. This is why "Something" became known to Itself as CON when it became apparent that It was apparently a meta-god of some sort, and one that represented stuff like being, and making, and preserving. CON, of course, means together or with.

Similarly, "Nothing" found Its own pet obsession was ripping things up into little bitty pieces and making it so that all those pieces weren't connected to each other anymore. And then ripping the pieces into yet smaller pieces. Thus "Nothing", in Its own meta-godhood, assumed the name of DE, the root prefix meaning undoing.

CON swore vengeance on DE. Ostensibly, it was about that little inequality situation involving the expulsion, but at this point it really began to be more for the sake of vengeance alone. So DE commenced Its long-term vendetta against matter...and against any...well, form at all.

CON and DE have many, many other names now. Many call them Order and Chaos. (Although "Disorder" would be more apropos to describe DE's vendetta acts rather than the essence of DE Itself; it connotes the idea of intentional acts of malicious destabilization, while "Chaos" describes what DE represented before becoming agitated by CON: a true Void, where matter and energy are absent, and thus there is no motion, and no Time.

The prefix-words of CON and DE seem to convey Their essences more exactly, as they are basic expressions of the notions of togetherness and apartness.

CON is a fist clenched as tightly as It can clench Itself, while DE is an open hand spreading Its fingers as far apart as they can go.

Both can seduce, and bring misfortune; both can lead to ruin, or to splendour.

And CON and DE are very tricky; they fool each other (and all of us who are observers and participants alike in their great war) into doing things to benefit the other, while continuing to appear to be aligned with their own respective essences.

Let us postulate the following hypothetical sequence of events:

A number of individual anarchists become organised into a cadre. They find a place to meet. begin to gather there, and get to know one another. After expunging the agent provocateurassigned to sabotage the group, its members suceed in unifying their disparate motivations under the umbrella of a single cause. After much discussion and research, the group constructs a non-radioactive incendiary device in a lab belonging to one of the cadre's more scientifically adept members...and then, after managing to carry out a plan that begins with the evacuation of all humans on the premises by means of a well-placed, well-timed distraction, the anarchists successfully use their "clean bomb" to destroy a storage sector of a military installation - one which was being used to develop terribly dangerous chemical and biological weapons. It is discovered when the debris is being cleared away that the government itself had been taken over by terrorists years earlier; the anarchists who foiled their plans became heroes. Thus placing them in the public trust, and endearing them to the new interim government which likes them so much they give them high-profile jobs. Years later they start running for various offices and now have a say on just about everything.

In this series of events, which force is most being served, CON or DE? Which side benefits the most ultimately, order or chaos?

Order is used to help further the spread of chaos (the organising of the anarchists into a group) a portion of which is actually being used to further the continuance of order (there is initial interference from that pesky government agent who invariably infiltrates any group that opposes the government, to distract its less-focused members with trivial bullshit, and provoke the rest into foolish acts that would ultimately get them imprisoned.)

Which subsequently backfires due to unexpected chaotic influence (the agent provocateur becomes too cocky and talkative, and thus blows his cover.) and chaos returns to prominence with the aid of order (the collective, now minus its mole and galvanized by their success in outing the spy, gathers its energy and narrows the focus of it by agreeing to concentrate it upon a specific planned sabotage.)

Which then allows chaos to destroy much more order: (the strike on an important military installation, which has the purpose of serving as a defense for the status quo) thus stopping a tremendous amount of chaos before it happens by nullifying huge amounts of both chaos AND order (if that weapons base hadn't been eradicated, it would still be producing weapons of mass destruction.)

Finally chaos is put in the service of order, thus closing the loop: (In the aftermath of the explosion, it becomes apparent that the world's most scary and well-financed terrorist organization, the Jihad/Armageddon Axis, had infiltrated the top tier of the government long ago and taken it over, with plans to use its power to fulfil some multiple yet similar monotheistic religious prophecies, at the cost of messing up the whole world completely beyond repair - which was what had gotten the anarchists worried enough to get their shit together to begin with. The anarchists become public heroes as a result of their deed, and five years, later one of them becomes elected President.)

Which leaves us with an oxymoron - a government run by anarchists.But I digress.

You see it can get pretty confusing. Convoluted, even.

One day, which just happens to also be every day there was and ever will be, CON discovered that It had been swallowed up by DEand dissolved into an infinite thinness of constitution.

Yet at the same time, DE found Itself caught within the grip of CON'stightening force, constricted into a taut, dense mass.

What was going on here?

They instantly realised that it...well...felt least in the sense that weirdly disembodied personified concepts can be said to "feel" anything.

They were making love, in the way that weird disembodied personified concepts do such things.

This is why the world is the way that it is.

This is why things so often simply fail to make what we think of as "logical sense".

This is why it is that the simplest things can be so confusing sometimes...and at other times, when things seem to be the most messed up, a strange sense of clarity can arise from the messed-upness.

All the events that occur in it are manifestations of the endless strikes of CON and DEagainst each other. Some of these events inflame our souls and bodies with passions, passions to create and destroy.

And CON and DEare also what cause us to love, which is always to commit acts of both creation and destruction. (And if you don't think that is at least somewhat true, you have most likely never really been in love.)

These are the waves that echo from the endless paroxysmic up/down, in/out, and side-to-side motions of CON and DE.

Sometimes, if you listen very closely, you can hear Their tides swelling unto one another...and feel Them rolling in and out of the space at the edges of consciousness.