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This is a hierarchical catalog of paraphysical phenomenators which interact with one another - and with ourselves - in ways which appear to have profound effects on everything in oneself (the Internum) and around oneself (the Externum).

I have come to think of this as my religion and have come to refer to it by the overall name of DECONSENSUS. However, it's really less of a religion than it is a cosmography - although it serves me in some of the ways religions serve others, I have noticed.

Remember that these "explanations" of how reality goes about the process of happening are populated with entities that are metaphors - personifications of physical, psychological, and paraphysical forces and interactions between archetypes that are attached to these forces in our linguistic, literary culture. Underneath the mythos of all this, I really look at all this stuff much more like something that's more like science than religion. The trouble for me is that my left brain is not that well developed and what ends up happening is that my right brain tries to explain the left brain's perceptions. This is all window-dressing on essentially ineffable and unexplainable phenomena which we as hominids lack the communicative medium to describe sensibly. I am thus reduced to the medium of the fantastical and religious, the mythical. But I don't wish to become trapped in it and forget what's underneath...and neither do I wish anyone actually trying to grok this to have that happen, either.


Any thing, entity or idea is only as "real" as you decide that it will be, by whatever yardstick you use to measure actuality. I tend to be of the opinion that real is as real does. Or seems to do. Your mileage, of course, will likely vary. Unless belief costs as much as gasoline, I wouldn't worry overmuch about the difference in mileage.

What most people think of as "reality" is what's known as Consensus Reality - and as such, it is only important that some thing or idea be real if there is some reason that I need other people to be able to see the same things as I do. Which just isn't all of the time.

You can always get away with thinking of purely imaginary things as being real on the grounds that you can experience "real" instances of your real mind's imagination being used to dream them up, or believe in them. But what would it matter if they weren't really "real", anyway?

Whenever I want to categorize a thing or idea as "reality", "not-reality" or "possibly-reality" my first question is always "How well would this belief work?" "Reality" to me is what sounds good and makes sense when I view it in terms by which I view other "real" things. Even if in terms of consensus reality, it's obviously complete, utter horseshit.


Gods Aren't Human, Dammit

It's important to note that in my cosmography, Godforms are not people and therefore I don't really think they ever act anything at all like human beings.

I have, however, very ironically chosen to use some rather mundane metaphors to explain their various actions and alignments as I perceive them. The reason for doing this is simple: it would be ridiculously hard to grasp such extradimensional phenomena without a few familiar points of reference.

But because of this, it should thusly be ESPECIALLY underscored that I do not envision the Meta-Gods and Gods as having "minds" or "souls" - at least not the versions of such that people tend to think of themselves as having. I do not believe they do much judging, or planning, or feeling. At base level, the behaviour and motivation of godlike beings seems to me to be more like that which we have come to think of as the behaviour of wild animals: simple, instinctual, and raw.

What Makes a Meta-God "Meta"?

They have given birth to themselves, expulsed themselves from themselves, pulled themselves out of the cosmic magic hat, or whatever. They're higher-up than non-Meta Gods because they have no other entities in the cosmography which I think of as being their Creators.

So many religious folks really hate being asked that "who created God?" question since it makes them look like such jerks when they can't really answer it. Who or what made the Meta-Gods? My guess is as good as any, and maybe a little better, since I don't go around saying it's "THE Truth":

Meta-Gods created themselves through a sublimely time-transcendent autoerotic process that is utterly beyond the ken of what we know in this world, or dream of as being a phenomenon in any other. It's so completely past the imagination capacity of even the most ardently abovely-minded artists, sci-fi writers, philosophers, poets, acidheads, theosophers, holy men, holy women and wandering omnisexual hermetic trance-spouting mystics, that even I, Demitria Monde Thraam, of all people! - could not even begin to approximate any semblance of a proper description of it.

Nevertheless, out of some nearly idiotic urge to attempt the impossible anyway, I have more or less made it my life's challenge as a creative person to come as close as I can to it with some of my art and writing and other mental effluvia.

The Meta-Gods would still laugh - well, actually, do something approximating the "laugh" function, at any rate - at how it's just not complex enough - OR simple enough - to even come close.

If You Are Monotheistically Religious,
Regardless of Your Particular Religion:

Your God is represented in this cosmography as the "top" Meta-God: MONAD. You will probably find, however, that in this cosmography - much like in any other large organization - the top figure doesn't do the really interesting stuff. MONAD plays a lesser role in the way I see things, but that does not mean I believe that MONAD is unimportant; in fact, I sort of happen to find EVERYTHINGNESS rather IS sort of important. There's just not a whole lot I can say about it, since it's so all-encompassing. Silence seems to be the best explanation of such a thing, as any Zen master worth his or her koan would point out.


Gender of the Gods?

The entities I describe here are wholly without gender as human beings know it, since gender is a reproductive quality, and if a being is a Godform, It can create things on Its own anyway. So why would there be He and She?

I maintain that it sounds really stupid to refer to a supreme being as "He". And in case you think I'm only picking on patriarchal Judeohristians here, the same thing goes for all of that pagan "Goddess" stuff. My cosmography has eschewed all He/She nonsense. To somewhat limit confusion, individual Gods and Meta-Gods will henceforth be referred to by the proper pronoun "It".

Why on Earth Did I Take The Time To Come Up With All This?

Short Answer: I wanted a new mythos. The old ones have not made sense for a long, long time, yet they are still recycled ad infinitum.

There are so many inconsistencies in religious belief. Human beings seem to have this idea that Supreme Beings like to be worshiped: by being given sacrifices and/or by being prayed to a lot. If a God is so powerful, though, why would there be any need  for people to produce stuff  and put it upon an altar? What in tarnation does a God need a blood sacrifice for? It can "bloody well" get its own damned butchered calf  or whatever if it wants one.

The craziness of the whole mythos surrounding the Judeochristian deity never ceases to amaze and perplex me. So much of the whole fairy-tale just strikes me as downright icky. What sane person would worship a God who would sacrifice "His only begotten son" in the name of "love"...and then let that son essentially take the blame for being crucified and place it on the generations to follow for the next couple of millennia? Let me get this straight: I'm supposed to find solace in the notion that a carpenter who lived roughly two thousand years ago VIOLENTLY DIED--and "for me"? And my "sins" Keep in mind that most Christians (not to mention most sensible people) would likely find this whole gruesome story to be an abomination if it was told with the words "LORD God" and "Jesus Christ" replaced by other names...like "Baal" or "Methuselah" or "Azuerza Naarptikon" They'd think the act of telling their children to read that stuff before bedtime would count as some sort of Satanic Ritual Abuse.

I somehow just didn't find atheism or agnosticism to be mystical enough, or satisfy the desire I had to mythologise the present-time. Myths are virtually all ancient. We have some "modern" equivalents, such as trickster-hero Bugs Bunny and the like. But even that example is still based on an ancient shamanist concept. Things like Star Wars are just the old myths with spaceships. Why isn't anyone writing any sort of new mythos?

I have come to the conclusion it has something to do with television, movies and other media, both the cheesy sort and that little sliver of media that is actually interesting enough to pay attention to, having filled the void in culture that was once filled by narrative storytelling. All our society's myths now are written upon celluloid and cost too much money to produce. Because of this, they, too, fail to plumb new ground: the studios creating film and television programmes stick to the lowest common denominator of understanding, the formulae guaranteed to produce something familiar enough to recoup what is invested in production.

This obviously needs to be elsewise or we will have no new mythologies.

My own, below, still want for originality, on some levels. But they are a start.


:  L I S T     O F     E N T I T I E S :


  1. THE MONAD:  The Undivided Allness. - There is a monotheistic entity in this pantheon. It is, however, more of a matter of convenience than an actual "entity" - for what in the Universe is not "of God" to begin with? MONAD is simply what happens when everything is completely and thoroughly decategorised. MONAD is the ALL-ONE-GOD-FAITH, It is EVERYTHING and as such is also Nothing In Particular. As It is All-Things it can have no "ego", thus it has no discerning urges: It does not grant wishes like a genie, or get pissed off and send plagues down to earth, because It has no existence that's separate from us.

    MONAD is a rather useless thing to discuss, when you get right down to it, but It's there.

  2. THE DYAD:   The Schism of Friction. - The most primal and basic forces in DECONSENSUS are Order and Chaos, known by the simple syllables CON and DE, respectively. CON and DE are what cause energy to exist, for energy depends on friction, and nothing is more frictive than the difference between Stasis and Change (these states are essentially Order and Chaos, viewed slightly differently.) CON and DE are eternal enemies who are also eternal sexual partners. When they have connexion with one another there are great upheavals of passion - it's the occasion when things will be most likely shift about and do various forms of "changing sides". The Universe is Their bed and battlefield...and we - and everyone and everything around us - are Their sweat and blood. (A Creation Myth - for what fancy-schmancy cosmography could not have a Creation Myth? - explains how They came to exist in this configuration.)

  3. THE TRIAD:  The Fate-Twisters. - Has it ever seemed to you like everything around you is about one-third the way it is supposed to be, about one-third the way it's not supposed to be, and about one-third is somewhere in between?

    This is because there are three Fate-Twisters - the Meta-Gods which channel the frictive forces of their dyadic masters from the lofty plane of Pure Chaos/Pure Order down to the...well, baser, cruder dimensions where things like matter and energy happen.

    These are the Meta-Gods that can actually change circumstances and events at will - and They most frequently do just that, because it's all that They do.

    However, I do not believe we can ever hope to understand Their motives for favouring one person or group or thing over another in any given cycle of events, beyond the general tendency that the three Fate-Twisters have to keep things in a relative "Balance between Balance and No Balance".

    That's why there are three of Them: at any one nanosecond, one is acting under CON's influence, one is acting under DE's, and the third is receiving mixed signals  which totally confuse It, and It just does something at random. What's more: their individual alignments are constantly changing as well, just to make it all the more Mysterious and Unfathomable by Humanity.

    They can inspire frustration that is truly incredible. But without Them, nothing would ever manage to translate  from future to present to past: nothing would ever get around to actually happening. The Fate-Twisters, along with CON and DE, are, in a sense, the very motors that spin the wheels of Time.



  1. UPPER ELEMENTALS:  Spirits of Matters and Energies - These are pretty much consonant with the "Elementals" of other metaphysical layouts: there are Upper Elementals of Air, Fire, Water and Mineral (the others call it "Earth" but we mustn't forget that Earth is not the only planet there is.) But that's only the beginning...there are also Gods of Electricity, Gravity, Radioactivity, Magnetism, Antimatter...and a whole mess of Them who preside over forces that do not manifest in this solar system or even this galaxy.

    "Gods" differ from Meta-Gods in that they sometimes show signs of responding to offerings of respect; They seem to, on some level, like us to pay attention to Them. They don't care for sacrifice and don't answer prayers, but They sometimes seem to smile favourably on just being recognised and appreciated. They don't like to be ignored, or taken for granted. (Ignoring the Gravity God tends to result in falling on one's ass.)

  2. SUB-ELEMENTALS:  Masters of Abstractions - There are lots and lots of Sub-Elementals; each rules over a place, thing or concept of one sort or another, and is usually easy to make friends with if It is paid the attention and respect It feels It deserves.

    Examples include such entities as Metrogeist, the Spirit of the City, and Techgnosis, the Ruler of Technology, Computers and Computer Networks. That which is referred to by artists and other creative types as The Muse is essentially a Sub-Elemental that presides over all artistic endeavours. Individual people tend to have different allegiances to various Sub-Elementals, and are likely to give different names to them, as well as have different means of appeasing their desire for recognition. (CHORONZON would probably best be described as a Sub-Elemental, though it could be seen as an Upper Elemental, if "Chaos-in-Motion" is looked upon as a basic form of energy; perhaps this entity has a role somewhere inbetween these two classes.)

    Sub-Elementals provide a certain cogency  to their respective domains. They are vital in that they hold together the patterns and energy-flows within the areas They watch over. They see to it that certain rules usually apply to certain things, which can be very, very helpful.

Beings Essentially Equivalent to "Angels" and/or "Demons":

  1. TRANSVERSION AGENTS:   The Go-betweens. There are probably more of these things than there are any of the others discussed here. They are secretive, denying adequate descriptions in any form. But "magicians" and "shamans" from time immemorial have been trying to figure them out, know their names, know their Whys and Wherefores - and ultimately, to figure out how to make them be subservient to humankind--which, of course, they aren't that crazy about doing.

    The Transversion Agents essentially translate and convert ("transvert") the goings-on between the Meta-Gods CON and DE, the Triad of Fate-Twisters, and all of the Elemental "Gods", into actual three-dimensional, physical-world objects and beings, and events involving same.

    Transversion Agents cluster in groups, essentially "committees" - which is a large part of the reason why the world at large so often seems so screwed up in so many, many ways. Hordes of Transversion Agents are continually haggling amongst themselves and hashing out what the Ones Above Them intend them to produce, destroy, conjoin, disperse...to mix, and to match...to add, subtract, multiply, divide...to cause to love, or to hate, to feel indifference about...to kill, to heal, to seed...to begin or to end or just keep going...to be, to not be...to enter the plane of our daily awareness, or to exit it. That's a pretty tall order: that's why there's so many of the things.

    Somehow, these Agents are motivated to do all this--there has to be something in it for them somehow...and I hazard a guess that it amounts to something ridiculously simple: their true motives, one and all, are to carry out the imperatives of the Forces Above Them, and to do so without getting thwarted by other Transversion Agents whose own particular plots of action run counter to their own. If this happens, they will clash with one another...thus causing the ups and downs of life as we know it. In the clash, obviously, the ones with greater power override the ones with lesser. It's an endless competition amongst sets of them to see who executes the Will of the Gods and Meta-Gods most efficiently - or maybe, at times, simply with the most bravado. I would imagine this would tend to vary, depending on the percentages of CON and DE influences that are affecting any one or more of them.

    Transversion Agents seldom - if ever - have any contact with people. It would be a perversion to pay attention to the wants and desires of the creatures they themselves created...for it is these Agents that did, and do, the real work of creation; the Meta-Gods and Gods just think and be and let the Transversion Agents do the work. Historical arcane writings seem to suggest that there have been rare instances of Transversion Agents who do become the devoted friends and servants of certain individuals - probably out of frustration with the whole sordid game, and a desire to pervert it. But the vicissitudes of chaos/order im-balance tend to prevent this from happening often.

  2. ADVISORS:  Interpretive Guardians. These are analogous to the "Guardian Angels" that Crowleyites and other Western Tradition magick practitioners seek, as a central part of their "Great Work" - the "knowledge and conversation" of. They are a lower echelon of Transversion Agents (or perhaps a higher echelon of them) who seem to be able to occasionally "bend the ears" of certain higher-level Meta-Gods and/or Gods enough to budge their verdicts  on things a twitch or two in a certain direction. They will communicate with certain people who are - for whatever sane or insane reason - blessed with their contact.

    Some say only schizophrenics hear voices from "angels" or "demons". Others say only divine prophets do. My personal feeling is that very little separates the two. Depending on the Advisor, and on you, you might get very good advice from one, or you might get something a little more...chaotic. Sometimes a person can be made aware of the tides and patterns of existence that are normally beyond his or her scope...and benefit from this knowledge. It is believed that an Advisor can possibly also petition the Transversion Agents, or even go over their heads in rare instances, and bring about actual changes in physical events that would favour that person.

    Variations in the power level and general alignment of Advisors exist. They are valuable friends to have, if only for the education they offer about the possible consequences of your actions, even if they are unable to actually "answer prayers". And even if they can do such service, it is unlikely they'd do it any more than very, very occasionally, as such things tend to throw off the insane levels and sub-levels of balance between chaos and order that make the whole mess work.

  3. ASSIMILATORS:  Xenodimensional Symbionts and Parasites - These are the sexual demons - the entities that approach people while sleeping, half-sleeping or awake in altered states, and take incubus or succubus forms for the purpose of sexual congress with people. Contrary to the prevailing mythos of the totally evil succubus or incubus, most of these entities are quite benign, sometimes even beneficial, in nature. Assimilators usually operate as symbionts, giving sexual pleasure and sometimes other inspiration in exchange for the physical energy released in autoerotic orgasm (it has to go somewhere, after all; the Assimilator will be the one who devours it.)

    Occasionally, there are reports of incubi or succubi behaving as more ominous presences who will actively seek to drain people of this energy, but give back little or nothing in return. And, as can be expected in the one-third totally-chaotic, one-third partially-chaotic Multiverse, sometimes the "evil" and "good" exist simultaneously in the same incubus or succubus. Such is the way of things.

    An Assimilator is a very seductive creature, invading the brain and taking up one's most prominent sex fantasy, which it wears like a "skin" when it visits. Assimilators may seem quite powerful, but if undesired (although not all will be undesired) they are easily banished by facing them with a simple declaration of their disexistence - and just refusing to accept their presence as a valid thing. The flexible nature of the interaction between consensus reality vs. subjective make-believe reality is quite beneficial here; a victim need only tell herself/himself that said entity is "make believe" and as such, completely insubstantial. The benign Assimilators know that belief gives them some semblance of form, and thus, more power, so they don't choose to antagonize their hosts.

    These entities can only seduce: they can only affect one so far as to bring about erotic states leading to orgasm - and this is the only control over physical matter that they possess. They desire more, and it seems to frustrate them to no end.

  4. BLIGHTS:  Baneful Parasites. These are the nasties of the metaphysical menagerie, the ugly soul-sucking variety of interdimensional critter that one usually imagines when thinking of the word "demon". Blights latch onto a consciousness by means of attaching themselves to one's worst fear, and then they just plop themselves down there upon the edge of that fear, and pull your life-force right through it so as to make it acceptable to their vile natures...and then they feed on it. Thus they always seek to increase or enhance your fears, whatever their nature or origin might be. They are responsible for the self-deriding critics that infest a great many peoples' minds, as there is no fear that is as complex and long-running as one's deepest fears of inadequacy. Thankfully, Blights are VERY insubstantial, and they can be literally ignored right out of existence - but one must learn to do this, and not listen to their chattery natterings...and this sometimes will require some self-discipline.

  5. REVENANTS:  Lost Zombie Ghost-things - Said to be the spirits of animals and people who died violently and by surprise, and thus did not have time to actually "know" they died. Very likely to be mere superstition, but there are those who have had experiences involving them who swear otherwise. I myself have seen/felt some possible leftover energy of this sort in the alley behind my apartment building years ago, where there were some random and unrelated deaths - one which I actually heard occurring from my window (awful thing, that) and which definitely communicated to me that the victim had been in a state of surprise at the moment of death. Supposedly it takes a strong mediation from a shaman - or other "high-minded" individual - to disperse the energy of a Revenant so that it goes to its afterlife; or that which passes for one in this cosmography. (That's a topic for a whole page of its own, I believe.) This is apparently supposed to do the lost spirit a great favour, as Revenants are said to be in a condition of unabated agony and confusion. I guess I'd be agonizingly confused, too, if I died and didn't know it. I'd probably act just like a Revenant is said to: hanging around my house wondering why no one will acknowledge my existance.



  1. TRICKSTERS:  Mischief Makers. - Critters commonly referred to as "poltergeists", "imps" or "gremlins"; weak, short-lived things that bring chaos to one's life, household, etc. They possibly form when the shaky balance/counterbalance of CON and DE forces shifts a tad bit out of sync; when there's too great an absence of DE-essence in a particular segment of timespace. They vary in strength; most can be easily dispatched by denying them belief, but occasionally they prove to be more tenacious and hang around for weeks before finally fading out of the picture.

  2. SHIFTLESS DRIFTS:  Inert Dispirits, "Pools of Vibes", etc. - They don't do much of anything, really, not in any active sense, anyway; they're more like the residue of stuff that already happened. They mostly dwell in the memory areas of host minds and draw attention to whatever event or collection of circumstances created them, whether or not it is still relevant to that mind. They can be pleasant, neutral, or distressing, depending on their origin, but none of them are really very helpful as they divert attention from its intended sources to things that the mind usually does not wish itself to be dwelling on.Flurries of nostalgia - "memory floods" -are caused by a variety of Drift. Another causes over-analysis - "looping" on thoughts pertaining to a thing or occurrence - by bringing about a coagulation  of thought, causing it to become thicker, denser and dryer. Coagulated thought then kinks or dams the flow of fluid thought, causing it to loop around itself in little gushing eddies. Fortunately once the Drift is gone - and they tend not to hang around overlong - conditions of this coagulation change, and it breaks down, nulling the effect by allowing the thoughtstream to flow properly again.

    Other Shiftless Drifts hang around places where Bad Things happened and give people nightmares and generally unpleasant thought-patterns. Get a few Shiftless Drifts and a Trickster or two in an area...and you have a typical "haunting" scenario. Since some minds are much more sensitive - and others impervious - to such things, the whole business has the sheen of superstition about it.

    A few kinds of Shiftless Drifts are more pleasant, though, and once in a while, one will cause completely sourceless feelings of good cheer or ecstacy.

    Shiftless Drifts - whatever their effect - come and go like the tides, only more erratically. They are not sentient, or even near-sentient.


This has been, while fairly exhaustive, an incomplete list, of course. Surely there are more things in heaven and earth than we will ever be able to witness in a lifetime.

In my way of thinking, there are as many ways of seeing the universe as there are minds to see it. If this cosmography doesn't resonate with you, it just means you've got something else in its place which DOES.

Or perhaps it means you were meant to catalogue your OWN cosmography.


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