The Search for Choronzon
by Emma Tenebrae
She stepped up to the edge of the abyss
crossing was her quest.
"I seek to find something lost, hidden from me
and erase these lies I detest."

"Born of the beast I am," she called.
"I know you are there let me pass.
Oh Choronzon I have come home to you,
State your desire name your task."

Choronzon lay in the darkness silent,
hidden from her view.
'What child is this whose heart shines bright,
such sweetness will never do.'

"Oh Choronzon look within my soul,
see what burns in it's fires.
You have what was given then taken from me,
by the folly of mans desires."

Choronzon called out to her from deep,
"You lust for what is naught.
Your heart shines clean, fresh and new,
what evils have you fought?"

She raised her arms and lowered her head,
she sung in baritone song.
The words of truth and of man's deceit.
Her voice clear but her words did long.

Her song ran through deep in the abyss,
vibrations to strong to deny.
He lifted himself up to greet this light,
streaming tears her soul did cry.

She lifted her eyes and faced his wrath,
Her heart true, she asked showing no fear,
"What task do you desire oh Choronzon,
so I might prove my love is sincere?"

Choronzon looked upon the child where,
she stood safe above the abyss.
"Come to me child, step over the edge,
and prove your love," he hissed.

His voice, his tone it spoke unkind,
he still questioned her truth of heart.
She closed her eyes and stepped forth,
and so foot and ground did part.

Choronzon heard her last words as she fell,
it rung deep and with resounding fill.
"I love you oh Choronzon" she spoke stepping out,
"A love of my own free will."

Believing in all that he stood for she fell,
for an endless moment in time.
When all at once her fall did stop,
and slowly she began to climb.

Up into his arms she did rise, she looked
in the strength of his face.
The lives of the ancients, the ages and time,
showed in eyes of endless grace.

"Know you not child, I am the evil of the world,
I am that which all man fears.
Why did you hunt me in this place,
what made you desire I should appear?"

"I could crush you with a thought child,
you have no knowledge of what I am.
Do you not see this power in my eyes,
It is your soul that I shall condemn."

She held his eyes and lost herself,
within their gaze unbroken.
Wars and famine, the Eons unfolded,
time passed, the silence unspoken.

"So you have seen my truth what say you now,
you pitiful human soul.
I am the birth and death of all, I am the total,
of all you can know."

"Oh Choronzon what I see is truth it is not,
for simple words to be shared.
It is the intend of my heart in my search,
a treacherous path I still dared."

"Do as you will with my soul as you hold it
Oh Chortonozon I fear you not.
The battles I have won in search of you,
were lessons you have taught."

"I have quested for you through years of lies,
finding you, my destiny is fulfilled.
For you are the evil and the good of beginnings.
In endings all is as you have willed."

"It is your call to be sought out that brought me,
to be held in your arms.
To find the truth you alone my love know,
I have fallen to your charms."

Choronzon listened to this child's words her,
goodness stung his heart.
For in all this time his call to come had,
only brought evil for it's part.

So what is it you seek? Speak now my child,
you grow heavy in my eyes."
"To be part of you is all I want, to exist,
outside the lies.

"So be it, then what you desire is granted,"
and he pushed her back to the edge.
"But before I leave you on your path,
I must ask you for your pledge.

"Anything Oh Choronzon with you within me
my desires are yours alone."
"Teach not a soul the truth of this passing
as their search must be their own."

copyright 2003 by Emma Tenebrae

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