To be updated as time goes by. Some of these words are neologisms, made up by DMT, others are not.

Current 333, aka The Choronzon Current, 333 current, "the Current": A psionic "power cable" by which adherents of the Lord of Hallucinations can gain power, or travel through, whether in the meditation of "riding current" or via lucid or intentional dreams, or chemically altered states. One can tap it from CHORONZON itself, or from one another across the metagrid, or from the aggregate energy of all. One "rides" the current and achieves mental escape velocity by feeling for the power and taking hold of it with one's mind, and then tuning into its frequency and modulation and visualising a thrumming wire of light which passes down one's spine and underneath the body. This process becomes easier and easier with practice. Riding current can produce drug-like effects at times.

Chaos Magic(k) - A modernised, form of occultism popularised by Peter J. Carroll and weaving strands of Thelema and other older occult practises together with the science of chaos theory and complexity theory, leaving behind such irrelevancies as astrology and incorporating mathematics and probability. Does not simply refer to "being chaotic", but it is looser in structure than other methods.

ZAX - The 10th Aethyr of the Enochian system; the Abyss. Natural habitat of CHORONZON. Pronounced "zoe-datz" by some.

Eidolon - A xenodimensional that is partly a construct and partly a combination of internal and external energies that come together when one calls for it. Peter J. Carroll sees eidolons as servitors, having robotic qualities, while DMT prefers to treat them more like friends and considers them at least partially "alive" on the aethyric plane, even if one's own consciousness is the source of that "life". Eidolons can be remarkably helpful if one can get past the wall preventing one from taking one's own construct seriously enough; once the belief is there and the eidolon has taken on a persona, it gains a lot of power and can help fix broken parts of one's mind/body/soul.

Enochian - A metaphysical layout and language-system for "communicating with angels" developed by John Dee in the 1600s and used frequently by Aleister Crowley. CHORONZON is said by traditional occultists to be the "Dweller in the Abyss" or 10th aethyr of this layout.

Lord of Hallucinations - a name for CHORONZON invented by Demitria Monde Thraam in the 1980s. It somehow found its way onto the Internet and has been cited on many Christian anti-demonic websites, giving DMT no end of laughter.

CON - The supreme force of control and order in the Chaosist cosmography; the nemesis of DE.

DE - The supreme force of chaotic disorder in the Chaosist cosmography; the nemesis of CON.

Transduce - to create matter out of energy reflecting that energy. CHORONZON is transduced into sound and light so that the entity may cross over to this world. A transduced product is a transduction, and that word also applies to the process of transducing something. DMT began using this word in 1989 to describe this process not knowing it already existed as a dictionary word and had the same meaning she'd attributed to it as a neologism.

Triptrigramme (or Triptrigram) - The glyph of CHORONZON, based on the number 333. It consists of three equilateral triangles conjoined at their vertexes in the centre. The triptrigramme resembles very much the Valknut or "Odin's Knot" of Norse mythology and its meanings are such that there is some convergence, but CHORONZON is not related to Odin and is not part of that culture's pantheon.

Metagrid - The crisscrossing of currents in the psionic dimension. Also called the electric network.

Techgnosis - Godform associated with computers and networks.

Technomancy - magic/k involving computers or machines, used for divination, transmission, etc.

Metrogeist - The godform or principle that presides over a city; in DMT's case, it represents San Francisco.

Vrekakequai - In the mythos, an Earth/Fire elemental, a geologic igneous elemental. It has always been irritated by humankind, but once humans split the atom and started messing around with nuclear weapons and energy, it became furious. Associates with CHORONZON and allows it to act upon the planet via volcanism and earthquakes,. in exchange for the Chaotic One providing the momentum only Chaos-In-Motion can give it. Vrekakequai is wiping out humanity for its nuclear sins, in the sense that the earth is dying - some fundamental holding-together strength has been severed; we have in many ways been living on borrowed time ever since 1945. If CHORONZON can mutate the species in time, the angry elemental may ignore whatever it is that it mutates into, as it is primitive and does not notice small details. It may be too late already: the earth is probably dying from having its physics "broken" by nuclear explosions. CHORONZON incites mutation out of no great love for humanity: it only recognises the opportunity to do chaotic will and be given freedom from nothingness, and knows that this will disappear if intelligence-capable life disappears. Counterpart to Vshilshavulishevili, the air/water elemental responsible for hurricanes, cyclones, typhoons and every kind of storm, blizzard or metereological phenomenon; these two, mythos-wise, are god and goddess of all natural disasters.

Thelema - Traditional Western occulture, based on the idea that one can impose one's will upon the universe and cause change to occur via hidden ("occult") pathways. CHORONZON is, in this system, more or less the ultimate villain of the Will. It is DMT's strongly-held view that this belief came about as a result of Crowley's own particular neuroses and this has led magick practitioners to see only the negative side of CHORONZON when there is actually more of a neutral alignment - with the entity favouring, as most creatures will, one who favours him/it.

Xenodimensional - An entity that presents with life or sentience but only to the psychic senses, being invisible to normal senses. Xenodimensionals may be external or internal, or some combination of both.