The Mass of Choronzon

by Peter J. Carroll

An Invocation of the personal ego or false Holy Guardian Angel, for
the purpose of casting one's entire will as an Enchantment upon

Such an operation would normally qualify as an extreme act
of black magic, were it not prefaced by an initial invocation of the
formless Kia or real Holy Guardian Angle.

The essential purpose of
the conjuration as a whole is to increase the dominion of one's ego
over the world in the hope of bringing the formless life force of
the Kia more fully into play. The ritual is traditionally performed
with a wand to exemplify will, although other instruments can be
used, or improvisation made with the clenched fist if necessary.

The invocations are in the Enochian language and represent in part,
adaptions of the calls of the first and tenth Enochian Aethers, and
consist of eleven and thirty three words each.

Unlike the Mass of Chaos B (Baphomet Conjuration), this ritual
cannot be aimed to enchant for any specific desire and has the
property of tending to phenomenise the desires of the ego at random.

Herein lies its use and its danger. You may only realise what it was
you wanted when it arrives.

The ritual must therefore be considered as partly an act of
Divination. Following the statement of intent, the Kia is first
invoked by an incantation, a mantra and a brief period of complete
mental silence. It would be both blasphemous and catastrophic to
attempt to conceptualise Kia as other than a formless pregnant void.

The god/daemon form of Choronzon is manifested by a visulisation of
one's self in the form of one's grossly hypertrophied ego whilst the
incantation is given. The ritual is concluded with three
simultaneous acts. A lightning flash in the form of the solar sigil
or sowulo victory rune is visualised flashing down from
one's head to the ground, a loud martial arts Kia is shouted and the
wand is struck against the ground.

Laughter banishing then follows.

Mass of Choronzon

  1. Statement of Intent:

  2. The Eight Rayed Star of Chaos is traced upoon the ground with the wand.
  3. The Invocation to Kia is delivered, holding the wand aloft, with both hands, directly above the head.
       ZIRDO       IADNAMAD                     ELILA
       I am        the undefiled knowledge      of the 1st aether
       MICALZODO   SAANIR                       MADRIAAX
       mighty      in the parts of              the heavens
       FINIS       BALZIZIRAS                   IADA
       executing   the judgement of             the highest
                   IO KIA !

  4. "I" mantra for one complete exhalation. In PTAH posture (feet together, wand held with both hand upright against body).
  5. Mental silence for a few moments. In PTAH posture.
  6. Choronzon Invocation: wand held crosswise above the head.


       ANETAB        OTHIL            LUDSI           CAOSAGI
       in government I have set       my feet         in the earth
       ZIRDO         LONSMI           DEPEDE          ZARZAX
       I am          the power        333             of the 10th aether
       SOBA          DOOAIN           MAD             ZILODARPE
       whose name    amongst you      is              the god of conquest
       TOOAT         GMICALZOMA       LARSAD          TOLGLO
       furnishing    a power of       to dispose of   all things
       YRPOIL        LATOK            OVCHO           ASYMP
       division,     one thing        let it confound with another
       UNCHI         OMORS            ZODACARE        GOHUS
       confound      understanding    move!           I say
                     with darkness
       OADRIAX       OROCHA           DODPAL          CAOSAGI
       the lower     beneath          let them vex    upon the earth
       ABRAMAG       NETAAIB          CAOSAGI         IO CHORONZON !
       I prepare     for the          of the earth

  7. Visualise Lightning Flash, Shout "Kia!" and Strike Wand to Ground.

  8. Banish with Laughter.