What the Hell are "Transversion Agents"?

There are billions of xenodimensional entities recognised in the Chaosist mythopoeia as the Transversion Agents.

These hyper-beings - analogous to gods and goddesses, archangels and archdemons, etc, create and destroy, manage and manipulate, damn near everything there ever was or is or will ever be, out of the building materials of matter and energy - which, ITSELF, is formed from raw order and disorder.

"Yahweh" and his twin/clone "Allah" (note how similar the sound of their names) along with their "cop" (known by most as "Satan", their narc/jailkeeper) got notions of taking over the whole mess because their sadism required more and more suffering in creation to keep them happy.

So, this Unholy Trinity of three rogue Agents, and their various allies, essentially bent the minds of sentient humanity to worship them as "perfect" and "omniscient" even when it was not true at all...causing humanity to collectively forget that Transversion Agents, while powerful, are not omnipotent, omniscient, or eternal. While not "mortal", they've vast systems in which they do a lot of shifting about - and they fade away "dying" and "rebirthing" to become different, so as to fit whatever their ultimate role requires of them at any time: to keep the metaverse in a dynamic, up/down shifting of 'balance' and 'imbalance' - without the shifting of balance of Order (CON), and Disorder (DE) becoming too erratic to sustain matter and energy and the delicateness of life itself.

From the utter duality of Meta-Gods CON and DE comes the friction of absolute opposition - the source of all motion, and on another level, of all the passions: fury, fear, ecstasy, despair, and especially, love and hate.

For it's only by opposition that any thing, or quality of a thing, can be defined. Thus arises the paradox of CON and DE being both the most ancient and eternal enemies there are, AND the most passionate of all lovers.

The enigmatic xenodimensional entities called Transversion Agents - known by most as "Gods" or as angels, demons and other unseeable intelligences - formed by pieces of these two that came loose as first the Meta-Gods tore at one another - came to exist, their roles being those of the infinite ways all things are created, destroyed, maintained, preserved, mutated, shifted about and otherwise managed. There are billions - trillions or more - Agents, a majority of whose business involves matters beyond the ken of anything alive on this planet - for the Agents are hierarchical, gods among gods, managing and manipulating one another as surely as they do the REST of creation.

The metaphor-image is of the Transversion Agents catching the blood and sexual fluids of the MetaGods in large wide pans, which are used to pour it into beakers and foundries, by which they melt and freeze and combine this stuff so that "energy" and "matter" result.

And then, yet more Transversion Agents pick the resultant matter and energy up and do all kinds of fancy things with it, to it, and to itself with itself.

These are the "Gods" of which we are playthings. Only one of this enormous crowd, "Jehovah", and a twin (some say clone or even a double-face of the same ONE agent) named "Allah", happen to be the two most widely-believed-in Gods on the planet at present...and coincidentally as well as unfortunately, they are ALSO the cruelest ones we ever see active in this era of time. These two (or two sides of one) are also the ones who ostensibly have it in for each other - a smaller-scale version of CON and DE's vendetta.

It's bullpucky, though. They're quite friendly with each other, always have been; they possess the same alliances, goals and purposes. Most of these revolve around their OWN SADISM. There have always been Agents who got satisfaction from causing living things to feel pain, but these two, along with their friend Satan, against whom they ALSO are BOTH supposed to be sworn enemies! are the worst by far of all if sheer numbers of people killed in their names are considered. When references to death and torture in their holy writ and dogmas are added up, they outdo all others, and some of the other Agents are, shall we say, no angels themselves...so this is no small feat.

All in all, Transversion Agents are mysterious, unknowable and frustratingly inconsistent. Some can be personal friends. Others will completely ignore anything communicated to them by any entity beneath their rank. On the whole, most rather have disdain for humanity, feeling pity for it most of all; a few have dear love of it (or underdogs in general) and some simply use humans whenever useful, conning them into friendship when it suits them.

Their entangling alliances with each other, AND with CON and DE Themselves, are far, far too deeply intertwined and fractally stacked around and inside of one another - so utterly Byzantine in their virtually infinite levels of sheer complexity - for humanity to ever even begin to grasp--much less truly understand--their natures.

There is also a third force: that of "true" CHAOS, or RANDOM, the dice-roll determiner of non-determinism. It is the tie-breaker for CON and DE. All the effluvia the Transversion Agents mess around with first falls through a wheel of Fate-Twisting - which spins so that the effluvia falls down through one or more of the three spinning triangular holes. (We begin to get a hint of one of TRIPTRIGRAMMATON's meanings here; there are many.)

Which gaps it falls through determines which Transversion Agents get to be the ones who "transmit" and "convert" it into mass and energy, and, thusly, the degree of Order or Disorder reflected in that mass and energy.

This is why the world around you seems too nonsensical to ever be the work of ONE MIND...and why it's always behaving about 1/3 the way it 'should', and 1/3 the way it 'shouldn't' - and 1/3 of it just makes no damned sense at all.

Good and Evil? They aren't even part of this picture. They're NOT OBJECTIVE. These are qualities only determined by individual entities, not declared as rule by either Meta-Gods or Transversion Agents. (Except for the Rogues, who do it for the purposes of screwing with people's heads so that they will fight and kill one another more often.)

A Mouse is being stalked by a hungry Snake, while, unseen by either of them, a Hawk circles above them. To the Mouse, the Snake would be "Evil", but so would the Hawk...being, as it is, that the dietary habits of Hawks also include Mice. But, this particular Hawk has the light strike its eyes in such a way that the Mouse is not visible to it, but the Snake IS. So, the Hawk swoops down, and snaps up the Snake, giving the Mouse the chance to flee, which it does, post-haste. The Snake disappears down the Hawk's gullet and is no more. Thus, the Hawk had just become "Good" to the Mouse, though if the Mouse shows itself again too soon, that situation won't hold for very long. But what if Hawk had seen the Mouse first? What if the Hawk had not seen the Snake, and had instead seen, and thus eaten, the Mouse? Then, the Hawk would be "Good" to the Snake, for having spared it. Right? Wrong, for this particular Snake had gone for months without any food, and had been starving, and having had the Hawk intercept its last chance to eat, shall now die of starvation. The Hawk had been neither "Good" nor "Evil" to the Snake, but something of both, and nothing of either, in the long run, for its presence to the Snake - whether it spared it or did not spare it - would have ended up negatively affecting it, whether making a meal OF the Snake, or taking a meal FROM it, becomes moot, for either way, the Snake loses.

To summarize: Good and Evil are totally circumstantially dependent. They are NOT SIMPLE MATTERS AT ALL, though all-too-often are spoken of by humans as though the nature of either is ridiculously easy to comprehend, that Bad is Bad and Good is Good, period. There's much Evil that's not Evil and Good that's not Good, though, and a great deal of this is such that we can see it if we simply look behind the obvious, but there is also a great deal of the situation placed so that we simply cannot see it, because we're stuck in three dimensions. Transversion Agents, which are xenodimensional or transdimensional compared to human beings, can Know What We Cannot - which amounts to a great deal, though NOT EVERYTHING.

Any "God" which calls itself omniscient is lying like a rug. Don't believe it. There is no one entity that knows all things there is to know...and such can simply never exist, because by the time all such things could ostensibly become known, they will have already changed. (Most if not all extant religions err in their utter lack of dynamic principles, with all aspects static, unchanging - and irreflective of what's happening out there, all over, everywhere.)

Crazy religion? Of course! So far, though, Chaosism has never led to one single person's death or torture.

CHORONZON is a Transversion Agent. He's always been my friend. Whether it's only to get selfish use out of me matters not one iota to me...as I see it, that's all ANYONE EVER does when they love one another, but CHORONZON just never bothers to hide it from me: a kind of honesty I rarely see in my fellow humanoids.